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Top Commercial Real Estate Companies

How to Find Top Commercial Real Estate Companies

If you are looking to work with top commercial real estate companies in Newton, MA, then you can ask other commercial tenants for their leads. Ask businesses if they have an engaged broker or company they are working with that they would recommend. You want to look for other tenants that appear to be running a healthy business. You can also narrow down the field by asking businesses that are similar to yours. For example, you may need someone who can help you with lab space.


If possible, try to get recommendations from several business people and tenants. You may find that the same name or companies pop up on everyone’s lists, which can lead you to the top commercial real estate companies. Once you have whittled down the list to the top two or three, you can start making contacts and make sure they are still the right fit for your businesses. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure that you work with brokers that will represent buyers and not sellers if that is what you need.

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