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Integrity is Consistency of Ethical Choices

Integrity is a perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, and adherence to the highest moral and ethical principles and ideals.  As a tenant representative for over three decades McPherson Corporation has laid its foundation on consistency of ethical choice, choosing NOT to be placed in a position of conflict.  We work with our clients with measured patience, working to the pace best suited for their needs, and are rewarded by long term relationships.  

We avoid the conflicts that "full service" firms face daily:

  - Representing the divergent needs of tenants and landlords at the same time while deriving 70% or more of their income from landlord services.

  - Representing multiple competing landlords in the same market.

  - Representing multiple competing tenants in the same buildings they represent for the landlord.

  - Managing property on behalf of landlords which compromises tenant information.

  - Publicly traded real estate firms require quick transactions to support short term revenue generation.  

Choose representation whose only loyalty is to you.

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