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Office Tenant Representation

What Is Office Tenant Representation?

Office tenant representation is exactly what it sounds like. It is a type of commercial estate broker that will focus solely on the needs of a tenant instead of just being tied to a landlord or lessor. A tenant rep is the leasing industry’s equivalent of a buyer’s broker on the sales side of the industry.

When an agent works for a landlord, then he or she will have an obligation to show you the one potential property that he or she is representing. This site may not be a good one for you and it may not even be a good deal, but the agent needs to represent a client’s best interest by selling you on the site. This agent may be nice and helpful, but he or she may not be telling you the whole truth. The whole truth will instead be discovered when you look at one potential location with other locations. Office tenant representation can help you look at the market as a whole so you can choose the best location for your needs.

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