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Office Space For Lease

Determine Your Needs for Office Space for Lease


When looking at office space for lease in Newton, MA, there are some things you need to keep in mind to determine your needs.

Space Needs: Is your company downsizing or growing? How does your company currently utilize space? Do you need mostly private offices or do you want a more open collaborative space?

Parking Needs: Parking available to employees is important but parking spots may not be that easy to get. Parking can be limited and can cost per the spot.


Location Needs: Deciding where you want your office to be is one of the most important parts of searching for office space for lease. While you may have a location in mind, it may not be the best area for your needs.


Amenity Needs: If amenities are important to your office search, then it helps to know what amenities are common in the area and how they will affect rental rates.

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