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National Tenant Representation

What to Look for in National Tenant Representation


When you are looking for national tenant representation in Newton, MA, there are some qualities to keep in mind. You want an advisor who is knowledgeable about your overall business strategies and objectives as it relates to your real estate requirements. While they need to be knowledgeable about your business, they also need to have a realistic assessment of the market.


You want to work with national tenant representation that understands that office facility decisions aren’t just about real estate costs alone and also include other factors, such as proximity to customers, amenities, and labor. You want someone who can focus on the needs of your business but still be flexible when it comes to your real estate decision. You also need someone with clear and concise communications since that is one of the only ways this partnership will be beneficial. Representation that has the credibility and a track record with building owners can also be beneficial.

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