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Commercial Real Estate Consultants

What's the Difference between Commercial Real Estate Consultants and Realtors?

Commercial real estate consultants and realtors in Newton, MA, play different roles in the market, although responsibilities and duties can overlap at times. A consultant will advise clients on investment activities in the market. A realtor will help clients sell and buy properties.


Consultants: Commercial real estate consultants provide research, analysis, and advisor services to clients and can include mortgage lenders, builders, property investors, and construction developers. Some consultants can also provide services to businesses, while others will specialize in a type of client.


Realtor: Realtors will fall into two categories. There is the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent will work with clients that are looking for a commercial building. Their responsibility is to research properties that will meet the client’s needs and show clients the property. During negotiation, agents help facilitate offers until both parties agree. The listing agent will help a property seller list the business for sale. When a buyer wants to see the property, the agent will inform the seller.

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